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“Gillian was tirelessly supportive and engaged in our birth. We were blown away by her commitment and she enabled us to finally have the home birth we hoped for. She supported me when I needed to assert our choices in pregnancy, she gave us the confidence we wished for to include our older child and was there for everything I needed, and didn't realise I needed, at the birth. The whole experience was like gaining a deeply knowledgeable and cheerful friend to hold me through difficulties, uncertainties and ultimately the joy of having our baby.” - EC



"Gill was absolutely amazing as my doula during pregnancy, birth and post natal period. She is very empathetic, knowledgeable and fully dedicated to helping mums during this exciting journey that is pregnancy and birth. She brings calming and reassuring presence into a room. Cannot thank her enough. Also she is a natural with babies. And you can be sure that you are in good hands when reaching out to her. Thanks to her support, I had the birth I wanted (at home no interventions and a happy and healthy mama and baby) that was the most powerful and transformative experience. Once again wanted to say a huge heartfelt thank you for walking with me that path towards motherhood and holding me all the way. That was equally beautiful as it was incredible and challenging but we did this together. Much love" KM



"Gillian was so super supportive in the time leading up to my daughter’s birth. I had a long pregnancy, almost reaching 44 weeks and Gillian was amazing with her care, support, understanding and compassion to our situation. Having Gillian as my doula at this time gave me extra strength to follow my instincts. I felt heard and acknowledged with all I was going through, which was a very emotional time. One day when I was feeling particularly vulnerable, Gillian sent me the most perfect article. I remember feeling so grateful for choosing to have her! She also attended scans with me and we had lots of cups of tea together! During labour Gillian was wonderful. When labour was progressing and becoming much more intense, she would come and gently apply a cold flannel to my head, tuck my hair behind my ears or offer to apply pressure to my back during contractions. Her presence was gentle and supportive – just the right balance. And of course not only was she there for me, but she was supportive of my husband, too. Gillian had really understood the environment I wanted for my birth, really taken in my birth plan and helped create the space I had so envisioned. After the birth she made sure we were happy and ready for her to leave us after the long day we had together! Up until the moment she left, Gillian was always present, always staying in tune with our needs and she did so in such a caring and gentle way." -DY


"I was expecting a baby in August '20 and in those crazy Covid times was very nervous how things would go. The birth of my first child was not a very positive experience for me with a 3 day long painful labour along with other issues. I had been doing maternity yoga with Gillian for both my pregnancies and knew she not only has the most calm and kind voice but is such a positive and knowledgeable person in this field. Me and my husband decided to ask her to me my doula cum birth partner (only one person was allowed due to covid restrictions) and we feel this was the best decision we made. Gillian kindly agreed to be my doula and was quickly onboard. Initially I was a bit unsure about the antenatal appointments and the value they would bring considering I had already given birth once. However they were extremely useful for me and my husband to think about the birth plan, how we would handle the situations and most importantly she brought along a lot of positivity in each one of those appointments helping me mentally prepare well for the birth. She was extremely responsive to any text I sent her and had good suggestions for any issues I was encountering in the last few weeks. On the day my labour started, I msgd Gillian to inform her about the initial phase and she replied back to me within a minute to reassure me and said she would come over as soon as we need her. She knew what to do when she arrived and reminded me of the breathing techniques and to stay calm and relaxed. Once I was in established labour, we headed to the maternity unit and overall had a super quick birth. Gillian was great at supporting me/my choices, I was extremely comfortable in her calming presence and she kept my husband informed and he was very relieved throughout the whole process. Once we were back home, she arrived with delicious food (I need the recipe of that lentil soup pls!) and we spent some time discussing the whole birth experience and thanks to her, it was a very positive one!" - ST




"I very much enjoyed attending Gillian’s yoga class, & learning meditation and breathing techniques to use in labour. Also seeing Gillian every week was lovely & being able to have conversations before/after class allowed us to bond more. Our antenatal meetings offered practical advice about labour positions, birth, what to expect & much more. During labour, Gillian was a positive & calming presence and used positive language. She gave us our own space and time as a couple during this time yet also was there when needed, working well simultaneously with my partner to support me emotionally & practically. From our first meeting, Gillian made us feel completely at ease. I loved that Gillian was my pregnancy yoga instructor as well as doula as it allowed us to form a stronger bond in the antenatal time, meaning I felt extremely comfortable in her presence by the time baby decided to make an appearance. She was very knowledgeable about so many different aspects of pregnancy & birth and offered practical support throughout. She is so approachable, caring & thoughtful; the perfect doula!" - DS

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