Yoga classes - both for Pregnancy and Mum & Baby - are back in person now,

 in Stroud and Nailsworth studios. 

Yoga for Pregnancy classes also continue online via Zoom

on Tuesday evenings and Thursday lunchtimes.


Couples' Yoga Birth Workshops are also on Zoom so that you can practise positions, massage and breathing for labour in the comfort of your own home. 

Yoga for Pregnancy


My pregnancy classes aim to give you time to relax, focus on your baby and think about your wishes for the birth. Women often report reduced aches and pains and better quality of sleep as well as improved posture and body awareness and more confidence with positions and breathing for labour. Classes are on Tuesday evenings in Stroud and Thursday evenings in Nailsworth. You can also join via Zoom on Tuesday evenings or Thursday lunchtimes. 
For Thursday lunchtime classes book here

For evening in-studio or Zoom classes

Couples’ Yoga Birth Workshops


A 90 minute informative and interactive session for pregnant women and birth partners (your partner or mum, sister, doula etc) to practise positions, breathing, massage and relaxation techniques. The workshop will build confidence in your ability to cope with labour together at home or in hospital.


All sessions are held via Zoom so that you can practise in your own home, where labour - at least the early stages - will be happening! 

Please check my bookings site here for workshop dates and availability.

Mum & Baby Yoga


Mother and Baby Yoga is suitable for women from six weeks postnatal, up until your baby is mobile. It gives you the chance to stretch and relax whilst spending some quality time with your baby, and exercising them gently too. The class is designed to be enjoyable for both mum and baby, and will help to ease you back into exercise whilst also helping your baby develop their reflexes and motor skills; all in the company of other new mums and babies. Classes are on Monday mornings in Stroud; Tuesdays in Nailsworth.

Book here for Stroud Yoga Space or Warrior & Wild (Nailsworth) classes.

Birth & Beyond Cotswolds


I am a member of the Birth & Beyond Collective: a group of Yoga and Baby Massage teachers with NCT qualifications who teach all over the country - to find someone in your area, see the B&BC website.

My colleague Sara McMahon also runs Baby Massage – together we are ‘Birth and Beyond Cotswolds’.

Baby Massage

Baby massage class.jpeg

Baby Massage is a lovely way to connect with your baby and learn a great new skill. Benefits range from soothing techniques, bonding, helping to ease wind and constipation and others! During the sessions you will learn a series of massage strokes and songs to go along with them. In addition, we have time to discuss topics that are important to you, such as recovery after birth and your baby's development, as well as any other topics you want to discuss. The course is also great for Dads and partners to take part in too!