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Pregnancy, Birth & Postnatal Doula Support

Why hire a doula?

You’re pregnant – congratulations! Maybe this is your first time, or maybe you’ve been here before. Either way you’re likely to be feeling a mixture of excitement and trepidation! 


By now you know there’s a lot more to growing a baby than the fun of picking out colours for the nursery and settling on a name. You might have already been confronted with serious decision-making about antenatal tests, birth plans and healthcare. 


With me as your doula, you have the reassurance of an experienced professional who can hold your hand, both physically and metaphorically, throughout your pregnancy and labour. This partnership gives you the confidence to make choices that are right for you knowing that I've got your back and I'm by your side.

My aim as your doula is to make you feel safe, supported, listened to and held, so you achieve your best birth experience. I only support families in Gloucestershire to ensure that I can be with you swiftly when you need me in labour.

During our antenatal meetings, you, and your partner when possible, can use the time to talk about birth expectations and concerns, practise coping techniques, and make plans in an unhurried environment. As an National Childbirth Trust (NCT) teacher, these meetings can take the form of a bespoke antenatal course; or if you're attending antenatal classes separately, we can delve deeper into any aspects of labour and birth that are particularly important or interesting to you. We can discuss the choices you have in pregnancy and labour as I help you unpick the evidence around your options and explore your intentions, hopes and plans and we can get to know each other so you have a familiar face and relaxing presence during your labour.


Importantly, I'll be there at the birth, from whenever you need me until after your baby is born and you're happy for me to leave.


I'll still be available for support, guidance and cheerleading in those rollercoaster early days and I'll come back for a postnatal visit to wrap up your birth package. More postnatal support is also available if you need it going forwards.


I teach Yoga for Pregnancy and Baby Yoga in Stroud and Nailsworth and as part of your birth doula package I offer my clients half price Pregnancy Yoga from the start of our doula relationship until your baby is born.

Importantly, as your doula you’ve got my full and committed support and can contact me with any questions or concerns whenever you need to. 

Why me?


I’ve been in the ‘birth world’ for over 15 years working as a National Childbirth Trust (NCT) antenatal teacher and a pregnancy yoga instructor. I’ve also worked at Stroud Midwifery Unit as a maternity care assistant and I have been in your shoes as a mum of three. 

My experience includes supporting women and couples planning home and hospital births, induction and declining induction, Caesarean, surrogacy, multiples, land and water births; with and without midwife support. 

My goal is to bring a calm, joyous and relaxed atmosphere to your birth experience. Testament to the success of this approach is the bond that I create with the women I support. A bond that thrives during pregnancy and far beyond. 

What does it involve? 

Pregnancy and Birth Doula Support - from £1,450 (payment by instalment is always available to make all my packages accessible for you)

This includes:

Antenatal meetings to explore all your options and ensure that you (and your partner if applicable) feel ready and excited about meeting your baby. I can tailor a package of sessions to suit your needs, which might cover -

  • Exploring your hopes and wishes for birth: taking some time to reflect on what you envision for your birth experience. We’ll explore environment, support, pain management preferences and any specific cultural or personal rituals you’d like to incorporate.  If appropriate, we can also debrief and unpick any previous experiences.

  • Reframing negative feelings: using hypnobirthing techniques to shift your mindset and alleviate any conscious or subconscious fears surrounding birth. Techniques such as visualisation, breathing exercises and positive affirmations can be incredibly helpful in empowering you to approach birth with a positive mindset.

  • Understanding the physiology of birth: knowing what to expect during labour including the all-important role of hormones, as well as knowing what care is offered by local maternity services, will demystify the process and enable you to make decisions which are right for you and your baby.

  • Practical skills for birth: discussing and practising your birth partners’ roles and responsibilities – such as massage, helping with positions and emotional support. Knowing how biomechanics can help you in pregnancy and during labour.

  • Birth planning: working together to draw up a plan to ensure that you have considered all your options, and everyone involved with your care understands your wishes fully.

  • Postnatal planning: preparing for a wonderful start to your parenting journey by considering the support you and your partner will need, self-care strategies and practical baby care.

  • Birth pool run-through: if you're planning to have your baby at home and would like access to a pool, I can supply one as you approach your estimated due date and make sure you have all of the equipment you'll need for a successful home water birth.


During this time we’ll get to know each other as we discuss the ways you'd like to be supported during labour and birth, both physically and emotionally. We'll work together to ensure that the birth of your baby is the most magical moment it can be, allowing you to approach labour and birth with confidence and positivity.

You’ll have my ongoing support at any stage during your pregnancy and postnatally, if anything big or small crops up that you want to talk about – you can feel free to contact me any time.

I’ll set you up a unique code for unlimited half-price Pregnancy Yoga so that you can join classes to help increase your comfort in pregnancy and practise positions and breathing for birth. Face-to-face yoga classes are held in Stroud and Nailsworth where you'll meet other local expectant mums; or I can supply videos if practising at home is your preference.

I'll be on call for your birth 24/7 usually from 38 weeks, ready to be with you during labour as soon as you need me, and I'll stay with you until several hours after your birth, when you're happy for me to leave you with your new baby. ​

We’ll have a useful postnatal visit to celebrate the birth of your baby, ensuring you are recovering comfortably. During this time I can help with breast or bottle feeding or any other baby care. This meeting is usually one week after the birth, but I can be flexible to suit you and your new family, and further postnatal support is then available as outlined below.

Contact me to arrange a free, no-obligation meeting in person or online so that we can explore the support you need. I'll then draw up a personalised package for you and supply you with a quote. 

Shared Doula Support for Pregnancy & Birth – from £1750

For times when I am fully booked, I share doula support with another experienced doula colleague. Giving you twice the experience and skills, I work alongside Deborah Hannam so that we can offer support to more families during busy times in this shared role. We can offer the same antenatal sessions and services as above, and you get to know us both during your pregnancy knowing that one of us will be there as a familiar face by your side throughout labour. 

Double Doula Support for Pregnancy & Birth – from £2800


The ultimate doula support for when you want it all - a varied skill set from doulas with a similar ethos!

Both my doula partner Deborah Hannam and myself can support you throughout pregnancy and during labour, giving you twice the experience and skills, with both of us giving our full support throughout pregnancy and during labour. Drawing on my own yoga expertise and Debs’ massage for labour skills, you’ll feel fully supported at every stage. We’ll both attend all of your preparation sessions and we’ll both be on call for your birth: for a home birth we can both attend as well as your partner – if you’re heading into hospital then you’re allowed to bring two birth partners of your choice with you.

Contact me to discuss this option if you'd like twice the support, twice the experience. Ideal if you're planning a home birth and/or birthing solo.

Early Days Doula Support


Daytime Help - £30 per hour 

My support to ‘mother the mother’ usually in blocks of two or three hours at a time. 


I’ll help enable you to grow in confidence with your new baby: supporting your feeding choices, helping with nappies, bathing and sling-wearing. I can also help with older siblings or light housework to free you up, giving you time to recover and get to know your new baby.


On request, I can bring light vegan meals or treats such as soup, flapjacks or cake (you've earned it!).

The Night Shift - £350 for ten hours

Any ten hours between 8pm and 8am.

The night shift gives you the opportunity to rest fully, knowing that I'll see to your baby through the night, bringing them to you for breastfeeding as required or giving bottles if that's your choice.​​

Free consultation


Choosing the right doula is an important decision, and the investment involved – both emotional and financial – is significant. To help you with your decision, I offer a free, no-obligation face to face or online consultation. At this meeting we can work together to agree a package of birth and/or postnatal doula support to suit you.

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