Pregnancy, Birth & Postnatal Doula Work

Why hire a doula?

You’re pregnant – congratulations! Maybe this is your first time, or maybe you’ve been here before. Either way you’re likely to be feeling a mixture of excitement and trepidation! 


By now you know there’s a lot more to growing a baby than the fun of picking out colours for the nursery and settling on a name. You might have already been confronted with serious decision-making about prenatal tests, birth plans and healthcare. 


With a doula, you have the reassurance of an experienced professional who can hold your hand, both physically and metaphorically, throughout your pregnancy and labour. This partnership gives you support to make choices that are right for you.

My aim as your doula is to make you feel safe, supported, listened to and held, so you achieve your best birth experience. 

During our antenatal meetings, you, and your partner when possible, can use the time to talk about birth expectations and concerns, practise coping techniques, and make plans in an unhurried environment.


We can discuss the choices you have in pregnancy and labour as I help you unpick the evidence around your options and explore your intentions, hopes and plans. And, I will be there to communicate your wishes during labour – whilst also providing that all-important comfort and support you’ll need every step of the way. 

Importantly, as your doula you’ve got my full and committed support and can contact me by phone, text, WhatsApp, email or even carrier pigeon any time. 

Why me?


I’ve been in the ‘birth world’ for over 15 years working as a National Childbirth Trust (NCT) antenatal teacher and a pregnancy yoga instructor. I’ve also worked at Stroud Midwifery Unit as a maternity care assistant and I have been in your shoes as a mum of three. 

My experience includes supporting women and couples planning home and hospital births, induction and declining induction, Caesarean and water births. 

My goal is to bring a calm, joyous and relaxed atmosphere to your birth experience. Testament to the success of this approach is the bond that I create with the women I support. A bond that thrives during pregnancy and far beyond. 


“Gillian is one of the loveliest people you’ll meet, she’s completely dedicated to her work and very well organised. The conversations we had before the birth gave me wonderful support and helped me to relax. She also helped me to create the birth plan and most importantly she was there to hold my hand and support me when I gave birth. I’m so glad she agreed to be my doula, I really could not have wished for a better support and will always be grateful that she was there for us when our daughter was born."


How much does it cost?

There is a choice of packages but if you have specific needs, I am happy to customise an offering for you.

Core Care Offering - Pregnancy and Birth Doula Support

This includes:

- Meeting with you at least two or three times to draw up plans, dispel any fears and ensure that you (and your partner) feel ready and excited about meeting your baby. 

- On call for your birth 24/7 usually from 38 weeks. 

- With you during labour as soon as you need me until after your baby is born. 

- A postnatal visit to debrief the birth, offer support for your recovery and help with feeding or other baby care. 

Investment: £1,000.

Bronze - Pregnancy and Birth Doula Support plus Yoga

The core care offering plus unlimited half-price Pregnancy Yoga as soon as you hire me as your doula, and Baby Yoga once your little one has arrived. Face-to-face yoga classes are held in Stroud and Nailsworth; or I can supply videos if you're unable to attend in person.

Investment: £1,100.

Silver - Pregnancy, Birth and Early Days Doula Support

This includes the core care offering plus 10 hours of personal postnatal support in your own home.


This support to ‘mother the mother’ enables you to grow in confidence with your new baby: supporting your feeding choices, helping with nappies, bathing and sling-wearing. I can also help with older siblings or light housework to enable you to recover and get to know your new baby. 

Investment: £1,200.

Gold - Pregnancy, Birth and Early Days Doula Support plus Yoga 

This is a full wrap-around care package, combining all of the above: it features the core care offering plus:

- Unlimited half-price yoga including Pregnancy Yoga and postnatal Baby Yoga in Stroud or Nailsworth studios.

- 10 hours of personal postnatal support.

Investment: £1,300.


Flexible payment options are available for all packages.

Free consultation


Choosing the right doula is an important decision, and the investment involved – both emotional and financial – is significant. To help you with your decision, and check the chemistry, I will offer a face to face or online consultation at no charge.